Personal, Social and Emotional Development

 This includes things like encouraging the child to grow in confidence, teaching him or her to dress themselves, how to share and get on with other people and how to express their feelings appropriately.

At the Ark, we teach and encourage these skills by helping the children find the right way of doing things – for example by showing them how to ask for what they want rather than grabbing it! We help the children to follow the Ark Rules by spotting them doing the right thing and praising them.

You can help your child by:

  • Taking the time to have conversations with your child – even when they are a baby.
  • Give your child (limited) choices eg/ would you like to wear the red or the blue trousers today?
  • Encourage them to think about others’ feelings and to help others.
  • Encourage them to be independent (within their capabilities) in the bathroom and at mealtimes.
  • Play games that involve taking turns.
  • As a parent, show a positive attitude to different genders, cultures and abilities.

The What to expect when booklet gives you an over view of the EYFS framework and how you can support your child’s development.