The Children’s Ark was rated as Outstanding for Behaviours and attitudes and Good in all other areas in it’s latest Ofsted inspection.

You can download a copy of the report here:

Ofsted Report 2022

“Children really enjoy coming to this nursery. They are greeted warmly by knowledgeable and caring adults. Children happily find their friends and settle quickly. This is because activities are carefully planned to meet their interests and to motivate them to learn. All children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), make good progress as adults want them to succeed.”

“Children have very high levels of respect for each other and the environment.”

“Partnerships with parents are very effective. Parents value the education that the nursery provides. They know that their children make good progress as the adults share each child’s achievements effectively.”

“Children develop a love of stories and books as adults expertly read to them regularly throughout the day. Babies and toddlers learn new words rapidly as adults model language well.”

“Adults skilfully assess all children when they start to ensure they make good progress across all areas of learning. Children develop a good understanding of mathematics. For example, pre-school children count out shells into numbered pots, discussing ‘more’ and ‘less’. They recognise number symbols and understand the quantity of each. Toddlers explore two-dimensional shapes in the garden, learning the names for them, and attempt to draw them. All children learn about the world around them. They look after vegetables and flowers they have planted. Pre-school children go on walks to look at the changes in the seasons and think about the weather. Children learn about countries as they share stories of where they have all travelled to.”