Outstanding Ofsted

The Children’s Ark was rated as Outstanding in it’s latest Ofsted inspection.

You can download a copy of the report here:

Ofsted Report 2016


“Highly sensitive, nurturing and knowledgeable staff expertly support children’s social and emotional well-being.”

“Staff work extremely effectively with parents, giving them very clear ideas about how to support their children’s learning at home.”

“The management team supports a very strong sense of community. Its uncompromising efforts greatly improve outcomes for all children.”

“Staff very skilfully extend and develop children’s imaginative play. Their enthusiastic participation in role play expertly engages children.”

“Staff establish extremely close relationships with the children, and very skilfully and sensitively teach them about different emotions.”

“All children are eager learners and enthusiastically explore their environment, share their knowledge and confidently express their ideas.”

“Children have excellent social, communication, literacy and mathematical skills that prepare them exceptionally well for future learning, including going to school.”