Getting involved

We love it when parents get involved. Their children love it too!

  • You could come in and share your skills with the children. We have had a Mum who came in to make bread with the children, a Dad playing the guitar, another Dad brought in a tractor; a fisherman brought some fish he had caught; another came in his nurses’ uniform and talked to the children. We have also had a policeman (with car) and a vet (with dog).
  • You can bring us ‘news from home’ by talking to staff, bringing in/emailing photos or adding photographs or ‘news’ on your child’s Tapestry account (online journal).
  • You could help us with trips eg/ to the fire station, the beach, the doctors’ surgery or just on a walk up the Carn.
  • You could volunteer to help organise one of our fundraising events, or simply bake a cake.
  • You could join the committee. The committee meets once a month and makes strategic decisions about the future of The Children’s Ark. They also organise fundraising events and activity days.